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Psychic Medium

Gilly Williams

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Welcome to Spirits From Above

I'm focused on providing high-quality service and customer satisfaction to all my clients, old and new. I will do everything I can to meet your expectations. This website is for entertainment purposes only & for the like minded people and gifted people interested in the other side.!!! I hope you find this website interesting. I would like to begin by telling you a little bit about myself and how I first realized that i had something different to other people Have a Look around the website and if you have any comments or questions, please feel free to contact me. Add your experiences to my Guest Book if you like, email me with your questions or if you would like to book a reading then feel free to contact me.

The majority of people who go to spiritual groups., psychic nights or group circles attend through curiosity. They are fascinating and leave you wondering if there is life after death. Nothing has been scientifically proven that ghosts or spirits exist., but we still watch the programs, visit haunted houses, hear of peoples stories but most of this is still disbelief to so many people. Fortunately, for myself and many other gifted psychic's and medium's, we know different.

I have been able to see spirit since I was aged 6. My first experience I remember as if it were yesterday. I was in my bedroom, and there was an old gentleman sat in a rocking chair which seemed to be leaning against my bedroom wall and was getting closer and closer to me. I screamed, cried and shouted for my mum to get this man out of my room, but he wouldn't go. My mum came in and he was almost hovering over me in this chair and I shouted for him to go away, and slowly but surely he did. It was a very terrifying time and although my mum was saying 'There is no one here, stop being silly' I knew different. I'd seen him. To this day, I still don't know who it was. He was very elderly, had a brown woolen cardigan on and had very white hair and a white beard. Almost how you would envisage father Christmas to be when you're a child. Although it certainly was no father Christmas!!!

Throughout my school day's I quite often had dreams that ended up coming true, but these were the only dreams I would ever remember when I woke up. Eventually over the years if I woke and remembered what I had been dreaming, I could guarantee these were going to happen or come true and surely enough they did and still do...

Another thing that never lets me down: If a picture or photo frame falls on the floor, it is a warning that within 14 days I am going to hear of bad news. This has always happened and I suppose who ever is guiding me knows the best way and only way to warn me and to best prepare me for the inevitable. It's just unfortunate I don't get to know who it is that is going to pass, but I will hear of it within 14 days. It has never been more than 14 days and that is why I stipulate it is always within 14 days.

If a picture of photo falls., I'm straight on the phone to my close friends and family warning them to be careful and they always say " oh no not another picture has fallen" and then the clock ticks !!!! This has been very saddening at times due to people who have passed., but its also been extremely worrying too whilst my eldest son has been serving in Afghanistan in the Army. Luckily he has been kept from major harm, although never been fully injury free, but I'm so glad he has got through a few traumatizing tours of Afghanistan and Iraq.

Whilst at times there has been endless nights of being open constantly to spirit, I tried and tried to close off from them but didn't truly know how. Around 2007 I began to go to spiritual awareness classes with a fabulous Psychic Medium in Blackpool called Paula Paradema. What a fabulous lady she is. She taught me how to close off when i didn't want to be open to spirit, and also how to open up when the time was needed. This lady saved my sanity. If it hadn't been for Paula, I don't think I would ever have been able to sleep at night or get through my days in peace. This may sound disrespectful for the spirits who were coming through, but there is time when we all need to have some peace and quiet and 'ME' time. Now after a few years of being allowed some peace, I can open and close when ever I need to. I can never thank Paula enough for her help over the years. Sadly, Paula passed away in 2013 and i miss her dearly. Although I know she is with me from time to time.

I only so much as need to be open to spirit and 'bang' in they come, one by one. I really enjoy doing the readings for people., there has been some great comfort given to clients and also a few warnings too. When things make no sense to me what so ever, it always makes sense to the person I am doing a reading for. It's also very nice to be able to describe a loved one to who ever I'm sat with and to see their face smile and sometimes tears of happiness, its clarification I am correct at what I'm giving out. Quite often I get a name, a vision of someone else, and then words of either love and adoration or words of warning.

We all have a gut instinct, whether we use it or not is down to the individual. But even I have ignored some gut instincts. Oh boy, I wish I had taken note !!!! It would have saved me from heart ache.

In my day job, where I'm Customer Faced. I meet individuals every day. Some of which I get an awful gut feeling with and later hear that the specific person in question has been bad in the past. I tend to pick up on peoples energies whether they are nice or not. It is difficult keeping closed off in these situations, because I can be open so quickly even when a customer so much as hands me something I get flashes from their past and on odd occasions their future!!! I have predicted some really lovely events that I have seen for people in their future which have come true. But also some not so nice happenings. But i guess in life, not everything is a bed of roses.

My family are very supportive of my gift. Sometimes if they are worried or in need of re-assurance, I will get the phone call. They will then ask a question and the answer's are generally comforting and spot on. I guess even my friends kind of see me as an 'agony aunt' hahaha, but trust in what I say, this will be enough for them to feel at ease again.

Best wishes and Thank You for visiting,

Gilly xxx

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